Saturday, 7 November 2015

Tips for Packing Household Possessions

Moving can be an exciting process, full of adventure and new possibilities. It can also be plenty of work, requiring a good amount of advance planning and preparation. When you enter the fray with a good action plan, however, the job’s always a little easier to manage. Take note of these helpful tips when it comes time to pack up all of your worldly possessions for safe transportation.

For starters, it’s recommended that you prep items in phases—start out by boxing up seasonal products and wardrobe items that you won’t need at any time in the near future. This will give you a jump on the process without leaving you scrambling for something you need before the actual move takes place. Stagger the rest of your household items in similar fashion, packing up those which you won’t need access to right away before those which are used on a regular basis.

It’s a good idea to group small things together according to their physical properties whenever possible. For example, box up books along with other rigid office supplies as opposed to including them next to fragile dishes or glassware. It’ll behoove you to package up items based on what part of the house they’re for, so unpacking will be a breeze when you land at your new abode.

When it comes to breakable goods, make sure you wrap them each properly. By wrapping each dish and glass in paper, you reduce the likelihood of breakage during transportation. The same should apply for vases and glass-made decorative items. Avoid boxing too many heavy fragile items together, as a box giving out under the weight could be disastrous.

If you don’t have access to enough paper or packing products to accommodate everything, get creative. Use towels or even old clothes to line the edges of boxes and create soft layers between fragile belongings. Glass tabletops and other furniture accents can be protected by using moving blankets, or in a pinch, older linens that probably won’t be used again as actual bedding.

While it’s crucial to avoid overloading your boxes, it’s also ideal to fill up any empty space. Too much room inside of a container means the potential for contents to shift when traveling. That’s okay for a box of cereal—not preferable for a box of fine china. It’s also advisable to use good, strong packing tape to ensure ample support and security.

If you’re in need of a little extra space, consider self storage as a possibility. It’s a good way to keep everything safe, clean and ready for the future. Click here to learn more about household storage in Raleigh.

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