Monday, 30 March 2015

4 Strange Things People Keep in Storage

When an individual rents out a storage unit, they agree to pay rent on that unit. When that rent isn't paid, the storage facility has the right to auction off the contents to the highest bidder. This can lead to some strange, and sometimes chilling, discoveries when those units are opened up.

Great Lighting

A well-lit hallway offers even more security when you’re storing items that don’t fit in your home. There’s plenty of space to move around. Every door is securely locked and only you have the key. You can feel safe anytime you come.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

How to Get the Most Out of Your Self Storage

A storage unit can help you get organized and give you more space at home while still providing you access to items you may occasionally need. Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your storage space:

1.       Decide whether you need climate control. Extreme hot or cold temperatures can be damaging to some types of property. Also take into consideration whether moisture could play a role in ruining any of your personal effects. Get a climate controlled unit if you have possessions that will be affected by any of these factors.

2.       Choose an appropriate size. You will want to pick a unit that has plenty of space for your belongings. If you plan on coming back to pick things up occasionally, you may also want to ensure enough wiggle room to move things around.

3.       Use decent containers. If your boxes are falling apart, your property will not be as protected or organized. Choose new, sturdy boxes or other containers that will contain your items in a safe and organized fashion.

4.       Select appropriate packing materials. Newspaper can often transfer ink to your things, so you may want to consider bubble wrap.

5.       Try to store items in grouped categories and clearly labeled containers for easy access. When you fill the unit, be sure to place heavier items on the bottom and lighter belongings on top. You should also place the things you may need toward the front for easy access.

Engaging in some preparation before utilizing your storage unit can make the experience more beneficial. For more information on self-storage units in Salinas, visit this website.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Storage With Benefits

Indoor storage units offer many advantages over outdoor ones. Usually they are climate controlled, which means your fragile belongings won’t be affected by weather extremes. Because they are in another building, they also have an extra barrier against pests and water.

How to Prepare Your Boat for Self Storage

Your boat provides wonderful recreation throughout the season. Utilizing a storage unit when your boat is not in use can free up space in your garage or driveway and protect it from the elements. Put your baby to bed with these 4 storage tips.

One Last voyage

Take your vessel out for one more spin before storing it away. Make note of any repairs that must be done so that you will have an easier time getting ready for the next season. Hull damage should be fixed immediately, since cracks can worsen when the boat is stored.

Bath time

Remove the drain plug, then give the decks and hull a scrubbing. Clean the strainers and the thru-hulls, and open the sea cocks to drain any remaining water. Tidy up the interior as well, and be especially careful to remove anything that will spoil or mildew over time. Be sure to give everything time to dry thoroughly before the boat goes into the unit.

Dinghy Detox

To remove dirt, salt, and corrosion from inboard and stern drive boats with raw water cooling systems, flush the engine with fresh water. If you are in an extreme climate, running anti-freeze into the cooling system is also recommended. Outboard motors should be flushed and drained.


There are small systems on your ship that should be lubricated before long periods of storage. For example, on stern drive models, marine grease should be applied to the engine coupler and the gimbal bearing. Moving parts such as latches, hinges, ratchet mounts, etc., should also be given close attention.

For more information on boat storage units in Salinas, visit this website.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Inside Self Storage World Expo

The 2015 ISS World Expo in Las Vegas has something very special in store for you. Come learn the latest trends in the self-storage industry while you discover new products and services to grow your business... read more

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How to Safely Store Your Electronic Equipment

When you spend a hefty sum on your electronics, it becomes your priority to take good care of them. Even when you're not actively using them, you want to make sure your investment is safe. Knowing the proper way to pack and store electronics will ensure they have long functioning lives.

Before storing electronics, make sure you remove any extra components, such as batteries, CDs, DVDs, storage discs and cords. For items like computers, back up any data on your hard drive.

As you prepare to put your electronics into long term storage, make sure you have the appropriate packing materials. Original boxes and cartons are best, but boxes of similar size will also work well. Whether you use boxes or not, wrap the electronics for extra padding and to avoid dust buildup. Bubble wrap is okay, but avoid wrapping your electronics in plastic. It will trap moisture and result in mold and mildew. Consider using canvas tarps or old towels instead.

When choosing your storage unit, make sure it's climate controlled. Heat and humidity can do serious damage to electronics. If you live in a hot climate, or you're planning on storing them during seasonably hot weather, this is a necessary step to keeping your electronics safe.

Once you have your unit picked out, use risers or pallets to keep the electronics elevated. You never know when there might be leaks or flooding. Keeping them off the floor will protect them from possible water damage.

Another important step is to label everything. Staying organized in your unit will ease the process of reassembling your electronics when it's time to pull them back out. All those extra components you detached from your electronics need a home now. Cords can be coiled and secured with zip ties, and then color coded or tagged with hand written labels. If you have several sets of cords, it would be wise to coil and label them as you're packing, so you'll know for certain which device they go to. Keep any extra batteries at home to prevent leakage of battery acid.

If you decide to keep digital storage discs in your unit, make sure you backup the data and keep a second copy elsewhere. If something happens, you don't want those to be the only copies.

Storing electronics is not as simple as storing furniture or other knick knacks, so it's important that you take the necessary care and precaution to preserve your electronics and keep them functioning. Often your storage manager can help you make the best choices, so if you have other questions, visit this website.

Drive Away the Stress of Storage

The convenience of drive-up storage means you can quickly unload and reload your belongings. Organize your unit so the items you need most are in the front, so you can make even faster work of a trip to your shed.

Monday, 23 March 2015

The Globe Magazine

Welcome to the SSA Globe, the only not-for-profit magazine serving the self storage industry. What started five years ago as a newsletter for Association members has evolved into a robust magazine featuring information about the SSA's activities... read more

Downsizing Your Home – The Benefits of a Storage Unit

A large home can be a great place to raise a family, but eventually the kids will move out and you might find yourself left with excess space. Downsizing your home can make your life easier. You will have less space that needs cleaning and maintaining, for one thing. However, if you downsize not all of your belongings will fit into your new space. A storage unit will allow you to keep important items.

Preserve Important Memories

Family photos, keepsakes, gifts, and other nostalgic items can be stored safely in a unit. These items take up a lot of space, but they are not things you can just get rid of during your move. A storage unit is a safe alternative.

Compromise is Key

There might be pieces of furniture or decor that you and your spouse disagree on. A move is a great time to get rid of unwanted things, but if your spouse cannot part with something you may have to compromise. A storage unit is a great way to hold on to one person’s treasure. It is also great place to put that floor lamp that Great Aunt Janet generously gave to you. Gifts that have sentiment value, but that do not really go with anything else you own, could be kept in a storage unit.

Hold on to Nice Things

There might be really nice pieces of furniture that you have collected that will not fit into your new, smaller space. You might want to save these to give to your children when they buy their first homes. A storage unit can help you save your nice furniture. For more information about storage units, visit this website.

Bizarre Self-Storage Finds

People flock to self-storage auctions in hopes of some good deals and found treasures. However, some finds are stranger than others. From potted toilets to pickled chicken feet, these 24 finds are some of the most bizarre... read more

Why Should a Business Invest in a Storage Unit?

Many businesses already know the benefits of having a storage unit. Your business may outgrow its office space before you are able to upgrade to something larger. Do not try to work in a cramped space. Instead, you can create more room by moving some excess things into a storage unit.

Prep Your Storage Unit Right

When you've invested in a storage unit, you want to make sure your belongings stay safe. These 23 packing tips will keep your treasured possessions safe and sound for as long as you need to store them... read more

San Diego Storage Company Sued by DOJ for Allegedly Selling Service Members' Goods

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed a wrongful-sale lawsuit against San Diego moving-and-storage operator Daniel E. Homan for allegedly selling the stored belongings of military members while they were deployed... read more

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Color Coding Your Boxes for Moving

Moving is hard work. It might be stressful and it could monopolize a lot of your time. There are ways to streamline the entire process and reduce the amount of work and stress you have to deal with. One easy way to do this is to color code your moving boxes. 

1. Determine Your System 

First you must decide how you are going to organize your things. Will you pack by room? Will you pack similar items together? There are many way to organize, you just have to decide what works for you. There will be things you want to get rid of and things you might need to move into a storage unit. To avoid confusion, you should clearly separate these items from the rest. 

2. Buy Your Supplies 

You will need boxes, packing tape, and sharpies for labeling. These supplies can all be found in one place. Storage units often carry packing supplies. You can find boxes of all sizes and shapes. Different colored sharpies or tape are great ways to color code your boxes. After you pack them up, label them with the correct color and you will not mix them up. Just make sure your code is clear and understandable. 

3. Move Effortlessly 

If you use these tips to help you pack, your moving process will be that much easier. No matter what system you use to separate your items or how you choose to color code, you will save time by having a system. To find more packing tips and RV storage in Salinas learn more information, visit this website.

Self Storage by the Numbers

Across the country, people turn to self storage and mini storage to expand their spaces and safeguard their treasures. See who is renting them, what they are storing in them, and which storage sizes are the most popular... read more

Dry Boat Storage Can Save Your Investment

When you are out on the lake, having a boat offers freedom and fun. When it comes time to park your watercraft, it’s not nearly as enjoyable. A craft and trailer can take up a significant amount of space in your driveway, leaving little room for vehicles you use every day. Keeping your vessel in a storage facility can give you the benefits of close access while still having a useable garage. 

Even in a warm climate, weather can damage a boat. Although it is made for the sun and water, when it is left to sit, those two elements can actually cause harm. A boat can rust just as easily as any other vehicle, and being exposed to rain, dew and fog can cause it to erode. Eventually, that could mean some expensive repairs. 

 A dry storage facility provides a large, safe place for your boat. It is usually a covered, garage-like structure, which can protect your property not only from wind and rain, but from UV damage as well. Because it is covered, the boat finish may last longer, while the upholstery is less likely to develop mildew. 

Also, if you keep your cruiser indoors, you can have a more comfortable place to perform maintenance on it. You can have a place just for your boat, so when you are trying to perform repairs, you won’t be fighting with the sports gear in your home garage. It is also convenient for weatherproofing you boat before winter. 

There is also a safety benefit. When your boat is outside in the driveway, any passerby can climb into it to steal equipment or cause damage. A dry storage unit will most likely be in a lot surrounded by a safety gate, thus deterring trespassers and vandals. 

When the weather begins to cool and you won’t be using the boat much, it’s even more important to keep it in a covered unit to protect it from the elements. To prepare your boat for long term storage, be sure there is adequate air circulation around the cabin area so mildew won’t have a chance to grow. If there is any bilge water, sponge it out. Ideally, doors and drawers should be left open an inch. Also, be sure the motor is in the upright position so that any remaining water drains out. 

 A boat can be a significant financial investment. Fortunately, when it is properly cared for it can last for decades, not just a few years. To learn more about options for storing your boat and boat storage in Salinas, please visit this website.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Online Self-Storage Auctions: Dealing With Winner Defaults

Online auctions have become an increasingly popular way for self-storage operators to quickly and efficiently empty their delinquent and abandoned units... read more