Monday, 30 March 2015

4 Strange Things People Keep in Storage

When an individual rents out a storage unit, they agree to pay rent on that unit. When that rent isn't paid, the storage facility has the right to auction off the contents to the highest bidder. This can lead to some strange, and sometimes chilling, discoveries when those units are opened up.


While it may seem a little discomforting to think that someone is storing guns in the unit beside yours, it actually has some merit if the owner's weapons are licensed. Perhaps the family wants to keep them in a safe place where the children can't get to them. Rest assured, if a unit is auctioned off with firearms inside, they are confiscated from the buyer.

Human Remains

Whether its urns or coffins, there have been reports of people keeping the remains of their loved ones in storage lockers. There was one case where a woman's casket had been in storage for 17 years before it was discovered.

Food Products

For coupon shoppers that buy a lot of items in bulk, it might be handy to use the unit to store things like toilet paper or laundry detergent. It's not such a great idea to store fresh food, however. Storage lockers have been opened to reveal moldy, rotting food products. Perhaps the renter chose to store the groceries during the winter, and they thought the cold temperatures would turn the unit into a refrigerator. Unfortunately that wasn't the case.


If the locker is spacious enough, you might find some unit renters attempting to turn the space into a makeshift apartment. Even though it's illegal, it's a fairly common occurrence.

Though some people choose to place some unorthodox things in their storage units, the majority of renters use them to store furniture and boxes of old treasures.

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