Saturday, 21 March 2015

Color Coding Your Boxes for Moving

Moving is hard work. It might be stressful and it could monopolize a lot of your time. There are ways to streamline the entire process and reduce the amount of work and stress you have to deal with. One easy way to do this is to color code your moving boxes. 

1. Determine Your System 

First you must decide how you are going to organize your things. Will you pack by room? Will you pack similar items together? There are many way to organize, you just have to decide what works for you. There will be things you want to get rid of and things you might need to move into a storage unit. To avoid confusion, you should clearly separate these items from the rest. 

2. Buy Your Supplies 

You will need boxes, packing tape, and sharpies for labeling. These supplies can all be found in one place. Storage units often carry packing supplies. You can find boxes of all sizes and shapes. Different colored sharpies or tape are great ways to color code your boxes. After you pack them up, label them with the correct color and you will not mix them up. Just make sure your code is clear and understandable. 

3. Move Effortlessly 

If you use these tips to help you pack, your moving process will be that much easier. No matter what system you use to separate your items or how you choose to color code, you will save time by having a system. To find more packing tips and RV storage in Salinas learn more information, visit this website.

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