Friday, 27 March 2015

How to Prepare Your Boat for Self Storage

Your boat provides wonderful recreation throughout the season. Utilizing a storage unit when your boat is not in use can free up space in your garage or driveway and protect it from the elements. Put your baby to bed with these 4 storage tips.

One Last voyage

Take your vessel out for one more spin before storing it away. Make note of any repairs that must be done so that you will have an easier time getting ready for the next season. Hull damage should be fixed immediately, since cracks can worsen when the boat is stored.

Bath time

Remove the drain plug, then give the decks and hull a scrubbing. Clean the strainers and the thru-hulls, and open the sea cocks to drain any remaining water. Tidy up the interior as well, and be especially careful to remove anything that will spoil or mildew over time. Be sure to give everything time to dry thoroughly before the boat goes into the unit.

Dinghy Detox

To remove dirt, salt, and corrosion from inboard and stern drive boats with raw water cooling systems, flush the engine with fresh water. If you are in an extreme climate, running anti-freeze into the cooling system is also recommended. Outboard motors should be flushed and drained.


There are small systems on your ship that should be lubricated before long periods of storage. For example, on stern drive models, marine grease should be applied to the engine coupler and the gimbal bearing. Moving parts such as latches, hinges, ratchet mounts, etc., should also be given close attention.

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